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Scrap Club haiku

reject technology awaiting mutation through the loving force of destruction into amorphous beauty and dust what about the fate of the rejects the last cries for salvation absolution through the hammer the neon bleed and the glistening jolt of finality the shuttered crack of solder that was but never was as my determined gesture meets […]


we’re currently having some tech problems with our mailout so bear with us on info about the up and coming night on the 21st of May….it’ll be sorted soon w

post scrappage

has been an interesting one….a different venue – smaller than we’re used to so both joel and i were convinced it’d be a much more intense experience….i was predicting some mild audience blood loss but it turned out the only person who needing any treatment from our first aiders was Joel himself….we had 3 or […]

its getting there

so, date for the next Scrapclub in london has been agreed…ooooh yaahh….got summat interesting lined up with our first time at the new venue….let’s see how it all pans out !


as you all can see, we’ve updated the site using WordPress as a CMS….we’ve stuck in a video section now and we’ll be updating it with vids that we have from various SC’s….we’ve taken away the forum section since trying to integrate it with WP is a pain in the arse….we’ll come up with another […]