post scrappage

has been an interesting one….a different venue – smaller than we’re used to so both joel and i were convinced it’d be a much more intense experience….i was predicting some mild audience blood loss but it turned out the only person who needing any treatment from our first aiders was Joel himself….we had 3 or 4 side-acts planned for the night but they all pulled out on us last minute – frustrating to say the fucking least…nevertheless, the night isn’t about detours – and we know why people come to Scrapclub….

i took a couple of snaps of us scouring for junk and here’s a hotspot we found :img_8599….

now thats a goddamn horde right there ! – John Power (SC deity – lord and outstanding drunk provider of white goods and beyond) did us well….here’s Joel carting some of it in our van…img_8605

….and me feeling spiritualised now that we’re in possession….img_8618

lugging it all was backbreaking, especially some of the stranger and heavier bits of equipment we found this time round which included large centrifuges, lens cutters, and cryo vases, but actually joel and i have taken to enjoying the rigorous workout involved….this is how it looked in place at Stamford Works with my word chair in the middle of the space….img_8621…you can check out pics and vids on the night but here’s a pic of Yoshi at the final cleanup…..thank you Captain Yosh…you were outstandingimg_8629

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