What Is Scrapclub?

Scrapclub is a public destructivist project co-founded by London-based Sound Artists Wajid Yaseen and Joel Cahen. The project can be slotted into the destructivist movement led by Gustav Metzger and Raphael Ortiz culminating in the infamous DIAS symposium held in London in 1966, with the twist on their work being a facilitation of direct engagement of destructivist experience by the public.

The bottom line is that you as participants are given with sledgehammers, crowbars, bats and pipes to destroy various household objects such as TVs, washing machines, cookers, computers, musical instruments, office furniture and the occasional car in safely controlled zone. All the objects are sourced from a wide variety of locations, and everything is scrap. All of it is sent to a recycling plant once dealt with at Scrapclub. Safety is paramount so you will be provided with professional PPE equipment such as goggles, helmets and gloves (professional first-aiders are always on hand just in case). Names are chosen randomly, 10 people at a time get 10 minutes in the ‘scrap pit’ and everybody gets a turn…



Sonic Artist – cares about sound and not much else


Aside from interest in destructive human nature // underwater music events Wet Sounds – musical hydrotherapy – Mixed Reality sound designs – abstract mash ups

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